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"The Thrill-Seekers"

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  • 6 гелевых лаков GelColor по 15 мл.:

   - My Address Is "Hollywood" (GC T31)
   - I Eat Mainely Lobster (GC T30)
   - Color To Diner For (GC T25)
   - Honk If You Love OPI (GC T28)
   - Are We There Yet? (GC T23)
   - Road House Blues (GC T32)

GC 915


GCT31_My_Address_Hollywood GC T31
My Address Is
GCT30_Eat_Mainely_Lobster GC T30
I Eat Mainely
GCT25_Color_Diner_For GC T25
Color To
Diner For
GCT28_Honk_Love_OPI GC T28
Honk If You
Love OPI
GCT23_Are_We_There_Yet GC T23
Are We There
GCT32_Road_House_Blues GC T32
Road House